The Biomass Plantation or the Man Made High Density Regenerative Forest is the Back bone of EPPI's business concept. Since the entire concept revolves around this, it was necessary for EPPI to establish the biomass plantation first and get convinced that it is indeed possible to establish Man Made High Density Regenerative Forest.

The journey towards this began way back in 2002. With help from Universities and other Research Stations, EPPI identified one variety of Neem tree that grows fast and tall. It grows to a height of about 25 feet in three years, giving excellent biomass output even in adverse conditions. It is fundamentally a dry land crop and its botanical name is Melia Dubia. A trial plantation was established just on the outskirts of Bangalore city, based on this species.

After observing the results of the trial plantation, company realized that, it would be apt to have more than one species identified for the purpose and hence the hunt for more species, which are similar and/or better in characteristic to Melia Dubia, began. After an intense search and many years of applied R&D, a biomass plantation in an area of 125 hectares, in Sivagangai District of Tamilnadu, has been established with eight such species.

EPPI's plantation is first of its kind, with modern agricultural facilities like drip irrigation system, electrical systems and equipments connected with UG Cabling, periphery guarded with solar fencing and out of the box thinking idea to manage the ground water resources. Apart from this, the plantation is managed as per standard agriculture and forestry methodologies & practices.

Apart from this existing plantation at Sivagangai District in Tamil Nadu, EPPI will establish similar such plantations at other locations in the near future.

SHere is the link to the pictures of this wonderful Man Made High Density Regenerative Forest.