The USP of EPPI in the world of Biomass Energized Electrical Power Production is FUEL SECURITY.

Supply of feedstock to the existing Power Stations has all along been a limitation due to procurement from the unorganized sector, firewood grown in natural habitats and seasonal supply. Uncertainty of sources, supply and usage of feedstock with varied fuel characteristics resulted in fluctuating Plant Load Factors in these Power Stations. Such Power Stations are facing imminent closure due to the feedstock problems.

In order to overcome this problem of fuel availability, EPPI conceived an entirely unique concept called; "Biomass / Firewood predictability". The predictability manifests itself in the form of Fuel Security for Power Production. However, predictability has additional components to the generally known botanical and forestry criteria. Following components are the fundamental qualifiers for EPPI's ability to obtain firewood in a predictable fashion and produce electrical power;

  • Suitability: This term denotes the ability to select right species of biomass plant for growing forests. The selection criteria is based on the growth characteristics (height and weight of biomass available as a function of time), thermal characteristics (calorific value, ash content etc.), suitability of the tree species to the environmental factors, coppicing(regenerative) characteristics and such other factors.
  • Repeatability: This term denotes the ability to replicate such biomass plantations easily and economically across all geographic locations. Not all species are amenable for easy replication and hence this aspect assumes great importance in the predictability criteria.
  • Scalability: This term denotes the ability to produce millions of tree saplings to support Megawatts of power production.

Thus, Suitability, Repeatability and Scalability are inescapable enablers in the predictability space.

EPPI achieved the predictability of fuel supply with their applied R&D for over seven years and proved the concept of high density man made forests for power production.

Applied R & D:

  • EPPI established a huge nursery in 6 hectares,
  • Identified eight species for suitability from a set of 30 species,
  • Established a capability for producing millions of saplings.
  • Experiments were conducted on various planting and water management techniques.
  • EPPI planted these 8 species in 120 hectares
  • EPPI can confidently predict the yield per hectare, which in turn assures pre-defined units of power production per unit area of land.

Today EPPI is in a position to propagate, demonstrate and prove that it is possible to bring in Biomass fuel Security.