Tech Advantage

EPPI's unique contribution to the biomass power industry business is Biomass predictability.

Various components of the Power Station like the boilers, plumbing and others were designed so far to cater to a wide range of feedstock characteristics. The feedstock ranged from rice husk, to coconut fronts, to firewood to bagasse to coal. It is natural that the design of components like boilers, in order to cater to such a wide range of feedstock characteristics can never be optimum. Simplest of examples is the physical dimensions like the thickness, diameters and other such engineering units connected with the final design of the components, which are generally over-designed to cater to the wide range of feedstock material.

The species which EPPI has selected fall in a narrow range of fuel characteristics. All the plants have calorific values within a narrow band of 4,500 to 5,000 K. Cal/Kg. This enables the Power Station component designers to go in for a very optimum design. The range of calorific values in conventional sources of feedstock is from 2,000 to 6000 K. Cal/Kg. This results in economical costing of the Power Station components and higher thermal and operational efficiencies. Also, the plant efficiency increases by10% to 25%. This has a direct effect on the cost of power produced.

The advantages of reverse engineering are direct reflection of EPPI's 360 degree approach to Green Power production.